Matchmaking homes and lifestyles, finding YOUR perfect fit.

In the dating scene, what do people who have never met before need to do to make a good first impression to secure a second date? Obviously, it is to put their best foot forward with honest intent to disclose his or her best attributes. May it be our first date or more appropriately our first meet-and-greet to home buying or selling, my responsibility is to build trust, rapport, and credibility with you, the potential Client(s), that I am the best choice. 

At this juncture all I can focus on is communicating my credibility. It would be virtually impossible to establish trust in an introductory online bio. As for rapport that can only be accomplished with natural conversation. My credibility stems from having 51 combined years of real estate experience not only in residential sales, but also 16 years in mortgage brokering/underwriting and over 10 years in construction. These are first hand experiences and not theories read in books. My knowledge of mortgage brokering/lending WILL be an added value as an extra layer of support to help you with financial challenges that may arise at the beginning, middle or end of a sale process with buying or selling.

My problem solving skills and experiences WILL help weed out issues that could cost you time, money and or headaches. I sincerely wish for your sales experience (buying or selling) to be the smoothest possible. I truly believe I can be one heck of a valuable asset to help you achieve your next real estate goals.